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PHP Manual

Vordefinierte Konstanten

Folgende Konstanten werden von dieser Erweiterung definiert und stehen nur zur Verfügung, wenn die Erweiterung entweder statisch in PHP kompiliert oder dynamisch zur Laufzeit geladen wurde.

This BBCode tag does not accept any arguments.
This BBCode tag does not have a corresponding close tag.
BBCODE_TYPE_ARG ( integer )
This BBCode tag need an argument.
This BBCode tag accept an optional argument.
BBCODE_TYPE_ROOT ( integer )
This BBCode tag is the special tag root (nesting level 0).
This BBCode tag require argument sub-parsing (the argument is also parsed by the BBCode extension). As Of 0.10.2 another parser can be used as argument parser.
This BBCode Tag does not accept content (it voids it automatically).
BBCODE_FLAGS_SMILEYS_ON ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This BBCode Tag accepts smileys.
BBCODE_FLAGS_SMILEYS_OFF ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This BBCode Tag does not accept smileys.
BBCODE_FLAGS_ONE_OPEN_PER_LEVEL ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This BBCode Tag automatically closes if another tag of the same type is found at the same nesting level.
BBCODE_FLAGS_REMOVE_IF_EMPTY ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This BBCode Tag is automatically removed if content is empty it allows to produce lighter HTML.
BBCODE_FLAGS_DENY_REOPEN_CHILD ( integer ) - since 0.10.3
This BBCode Tag does not allow unclosed children to reopen when automatically closed.
BBCODE_ARG_DOUBLE_QUOTE ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option allowing argument quoting with double quotes (")
BBCODE_ARG_SINGLE_QUOTE ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option allowing argument quoting with single quotes (')
BBCODE_ARG_HTML_QUOTE ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option allowing argument quoting with HTML version of double quotes (")
BBCODE_ARG_QUOTE_ESCAPING ( integer ) - since 1.0.2
This is a parser option allowing argument quotes to be escaped this permit the quote delimiter to be found in the string escaping character is \ it can escape any quoting character or itself, if found in front of a non escapable character, it will be dropped. Default behaviour is not to use escaping.
BBCODE_AUTO_CORRECT ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option changing the way errors are treated. It automatically closes tag in the order they are opened. And treat tags with only an open tag as if there were a close tag present.
BBCODE_CORRECT_REOPEN_TAGS ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option changing the way errors are treated. It automatically reopens tag if close tags are not in the good order.
BBCODE_DISABLE_TREE_BUILD ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option disabling the BBCode parsing it can be useful if only the "smiley" replacement must be used.
BBCODE_DEFAULT_SMILEYS_ON ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option setting smileys to ON if no flag is given at tag level.
BBCODE_DEFAULT_SMILEYS_OFF ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option setting smileys to OFF if no flag is given at tag level.
BBCODE_FORCE_SMILEYS_OFF ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This is a parser option disabling completely the smileys parsing.
BBCODE_SMILEYS_CASE_INSENSITIVE ( integer ) - since 0.10.3
Use a case insensitive Detection for smileys instead of a simple binary search.
BBCODE_SET_FLAGS_SET ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This permits to SET the complete flag set on a parser.
BBCODE_SET_FLAGS_ADD ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This permits to switch a flag set ON on a parser.
BBCODE_SET_FLAGS_REMOVE ( integer ) - since 0.10.2
This permits to switch a flag set OFF on a parser.

PHP Manual

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