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PHP Manual



(PECL cairo >= 0.1.0)

CairoMatrix::__construct -- cairo_matrix_initCreates a new CairoMatrix object


Object oriented style (method):

CairoMatrix::__construct ([ float $xx = 1.0 [, float $yx = 0.0 [, float $xy = 0.0 [, float $yy = 1.0 [, float $x0 = 0.0 [, float $y0 = 0.0 ]]]]]] )

Procedural style:

object cairo_matrix_init ([ float $xx = 1.0 [, float $yx = 0.0 [, float $xy = 0.0 [, float $yy = 1.0 [, float $x0 = 0.0 [, float $y0 = 0.0 ]]]]]] )

Returns new CairoMatrix object. Matrices are used throughout cairo to convert between different coordinate spaces. Sets matrix to be the affine transformation given by xx, yx, xy, yy, x0, y0. The transformation is given by: x_new = xx * x + xy * y + x0; and y_new = yx * x + yy * y + y0;



xx component of the affine transformation


yx component of the affine transformation


xy component of the affine transformation


yy component of the affine transformation


X translation component of the affine transformation


Y translation component of the affine transformation


Returns a new CairoMatrix object that can be used with surfaces, contexts, and patterns.


Beispiel #1 Object oriented style

/* Create a new Matrix */
$matrix = new CairoMatrix(;

Beispiel #2 Procedural style

/* Create a new Matrix */
$matrix cairo_matrix_init(;

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PHP Manual

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