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The CairoFontOptions class:
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PHP Manual

The CairoFontOptions class


An opaque structure holding all options that are used when rendering fonts.

Individual features of a cairo_font_options_t can be set or accessed using functions named cairo_font_options_set_feature_name and cairo_font_options_get_feature_name, like cairo_font_options_set_antialias() and cairo_font_options_get_antialias().

New features may be added to CairoFontOptions in the future. For this reason CairoFontOptions::copy, CairoFontOptions::equal, CairoFontOptions::merge, CairoFontOptions::hash (cairo_font_options_copy(), cairo_font_options_equal(), cairo_font_options_merge(), and cairo_font_options_hash() in procedural way) should be used to copy, check for equality, merge, or compute a hash value of CairoFontOptions objects.


CairoFontOptions {
/* Methoden */
__construct ( void )
public bool equal ( string $other )
public int getAntialias ( void )
public int getHintMetrics ( void )
public int getHintStyle ( void )
public int getSubpixelOrder ( void )
public int hash ( void )
public void merge ( string $other )
public void setAntialias ( string $antialias )
public void setHintMetrics ( string $hint_metrics )
public void setHintStyle ( string $hint_style )
public void setSubpixelOrder ( string $subpixel_order )
public int status ( void )


PHP Manual

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