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The HaruAnnotation class:
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PHP Manual

The HaruAnnotation class


Haru PDF Annotation Class.


HaruAnnotation {
/* Methoden */
bool setBorderStyle ( float $width , int $dash_on , int $dash_off )
bool setHighlightMode ( int $mode )
bool setIcon ( int $icon )
bool setOpened ( bool $opened )

Vordefinierte Konstanten

Type Name Description
int HaruAnnotation::NO_HIGHLIGHT  
int HaruAnnotation::INVERT_BOX  
int HaruAnnotation::INVERT_BORDER  
int HaruAnnotation::DOWN_APPEARANCE  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_COMMENT  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_KEY  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_NOTE  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_HELP  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_NEW_PARAGRAPH  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_PARAGRAPH  
int HaruAnnotation::ICON_INSERT  


PHP Manual

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