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PHP Manual

The Tidy class


An HTML node in an HTML file, as detected by tidy.


Tidy {
/* Eigenschaften */
string $errorBuffer;
/* Methoden */
tidyNode tidy::body ( void )
bool tidy::cleanRepair ( void )
tidy tidy::__construct ([ string $filename [, mixed $config [, string $encoding [, bool $use_include_path ]]]] )
bool tidy::diagnose ( void )
array tidy::getConfig ( void )
int tidy::getHtmlVer ( void )
mixed tidy::getOpt ( string $option )
string tidy::getOptDoc ( string $optname )
string tidy::getRelease ( void )
int tidy::getStatus ( void )
tidyNode tidy::head ( void )
tidyNode tidy::html ( void )
bool tidy::isXhtml ( void )
bool tidy::isXml ( void )
bool tidy::parseFile ( string $filename [, mixed $config [, string $encoding [, bool $use_include_path = false ]]] )
bool tidy::parseString ( string $input [, mixed $config [, string $encoding ]] )
string tidy::repairFile ( string $filename [, mixed $config [, string $encoding [, bool $use_include_path = false ]]] )
string tidy::repairString ( string $data [, mixed $config [, string $encoding ]] )
tidyNode tidy::root ( void )



The last warnings and errors from TidyLib


PHP Manual

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