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PHP Manual


(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0)

DateInterval::__constructCreates new DateInterval object


DateInterval::__construct ( string $interval_spec )

Creates new DateInterval object.



Interval specification.

The format starts with the letter P, for "period." Each duration period is represented by an integer value followed by a period designator. If the duration contains time elements, that portion of the specification is preceded by the letter T.

interval_spec Period Designators
Period Designator Description
Y years
M months
D days
W weeks. These get converted into days, so can not be combined with D.
H hours
M minutes
S seconds

Here are some simple examples. Two days is P2D. Two seconds is PT2S. Six years and five minutes is P6YT5M.

Hinweis: The unit types must be entered from the largest scale unit on the left to the smallest scale unit on the right. So years before months, months before days, days before minutes, etc. Thus one year and four days must be represented as P1Y4D, not P4D1Y.

The specification can also be represented as a date time. A sample of one year and four days would be P0001-00-04T00:00:00. But the values in this format can not exceed a given period's roll-over-point (e.g. 25 hours is invalid).

These formats are based on the » ISO 8601 duration specification.


Beispiel #1 DateInterval example


= new DateInterval('P2Y4DT6H8M');


Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt folgende Ausgabe:

DateInterval Object
    [y] => 2
    [m] => 0
    [d] => 4
    [h] => 6
    [i] => 8
    [s] => 0
    [invert] => 0
    [days] => 0

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PHP Manual

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