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PHP Manual


Das Verhalten dieser Funktionen wird durch Einstellungen in der php.ini beeinflusst.

In order to configure expect extension, there are configuration options in the configuration file php.ini.

Expect Konfigurationsoptionen
Name Standard Veränderbar Changelog
expect.timeout "10" PHP_INI_ALL  
expect.loguser "1" PHP_INI_ALL  
expect.logfile "" PHP_INI_ALL  
Weitere Details und die Definitionen der PHP_INI_*-Konstanten finden Sie im php.ini Einstellungen.

Hier eine kurze Erklärung der Konfigurationsoptionen:

expect.timeout integer

The timeout period for waiting for the data, when using the expect_expectl() function.

A value of "-1" disables a timeout from occurring.

Hinweis: A value of "0" causes the expect_expectl() function to return immediately.

expect.loguser boolean

Whether expect should send any output from the spawned process to stdout. Since interactive programs typically echo their input, this usually suffices to show both sides of the conversation.

expect.logfile string

Name of the file, where the output from the spawned process will be written. If this file doesn't exist, it will be created.

Hinweis: If this configuration is not empty, the output is written regardless of the value of expect.loguser.

PHP Manual

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