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Gupnp Funktionen
PHP Manual


(PECL gupnp >= 0.1.0)

gupnp_context_host_pathStart hosting


bool gupnp_context_host_path ( resource $context , string $local_path , string $server_path )

Start hosting local_path at server_path. Files with the path local_path.LOCALE (if they exist) will be served up when LOCALE is specified in the request's Accept-Language header.



A context identifier, returned by gupnp_context_new().


Path to the local file or folder to be hosted.


Web server path where local_path should be hosted.


Gibt bei Erfolg TRUE zurück. Im Fehlerfall wird FALSE zurückgegeben.


Beispiel #1 Create new UPnP context and set host path


/* Create the UPnP context */
$context gupnp_context_new();

if (!
$context) {
"Error creating the GUPnP context\n");

/* Host current directory */


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Gupnp Funktionen
PHP Manual

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