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Gupnp Funktionen
PHP Manual


(PECL gupnp >= 0.1.0)

gupnp_context_newCreate a new context


resource gupnp_context_new ([ string $host_ip [, int $port = 0 ]] )

Create a new context with the specified host_ip and port.



The local host's IP address, or NULL to use the IP address of the first non-loopback network interface.


Port to run on, or 0 if you don't care what port is used.


A context identifier.


Beispiel #1 Create new UPnP context


/* Create the UPnP context */
$context gupnp_context_new();

if (!
$context) {
"Error creating the GUPnP context\n");



Issues E_WARNING with unable to create context.

Gupnp Funktionen
PHP Manual

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