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Gupnp Funktionen
PHP Manual


(PECL gupnp >= 0.1.0)

gupnp_context_timeout_addSets a function to be called at regular intervals


bool gupnp_context_timeout_add ( resource $context , int $timeout , mixed $callback [, mixed $arg ] )

Sets a function to be called at regular intervals.



A context identifier, returned by gupnp_context_new().


A timeout in miliseconds.


The callback function calling every timeout period of time. Typically, callback function takes on arg parameter.


User data for callback.


Gibt bei Erfolg TRUE zurück. Im Fehlerfall wird FALSE zurückgegeben.


Beispiel #1 Create new UPnP context and set callback


"user data";

printf("Call timeout_cb, user data: '%s'"$arg);

/* Create the UPnP context */
$context gupnp_context_new();

if (!
$context) {
"Error creating the GUPnP context\n");

/* Create root device */
$dev gupnp_root_device_new($context"/devicedesc.xml");

/* Set callback for timeout */

/* Run the main loop */



Issues E_WARNING with not valid callback function.

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Gupnp Funktionen
PHP Manual

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