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PHP Manual


(PECL haru >= 0.0.1)

HaruAnnotation::setIconSet the icon style of the annotation


bool HaruAnnotation::setIcon ( int $icon )

Defines the style of the annotation icon. This function may be used with text annotations only.



The style of the icon. Can take only these values:

  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_COMMENT
  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_KEY
  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_NOTE
  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_HELP
  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_NEW_PARAGRAPH
  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_PARAGRAPH
  • HaruAnnotation::ICON_INSERT


Returns TRUE on success.


Throws a HaruException on error.

PHP Manual

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