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To load a second or subsequent schema file to a SDO_DAS_XML object:
To load a second or subsequent schema file to a SDO_DAS_XML object - Manual in BULGARIAN
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SDO DAS XML Funktionen
PHP Manual



SDO_DAS_XML::addTypes To load a second or subsequent schema file to a SDO_DAS_XML object


void SDO_DAS_XML::addTypes ( string $xsd_file )

Load a second or subsequent schema file to an XML DAS that has already been created with the static method create(). Although the file may be any valid schema file, a likely reason for using this method is to add a schema file containing definitions of extra complex types, hence the name. See Example 4 of the parent document for an example.



Path to XSD Schema file.


None if successful, otherwise throws an exception as described below.



Thrown if a type is not defined in the underlying model.


Thrown for any problems while parsing the given XSD File.


Thrown if the specified file cannot be found.

SDO DAS XML Funktionen
PHP Manual

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