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PHP Manual

Browsing devices and services

This example shows how to obtain information about all devices and services. It starts an infinite loop (use CLI), and if any of available devices or services are found, the proper callback function will be invoked.

Beispiel #1 Search for all UPnP devices and services.


/* Callback for available device */
function device_proxy_available_cb($proxy$arg)
$info gupnp_device_info_get($proxy);

$type $info['device_type'];
$location $info['location'];

printf("Device available:\n");
printf("\ttype:     %s\n"$type);
printf("\tlocation: %s\n"$location);

/* Callback for available service */
function service_proxy_available_cb($proxy$arg)
$info gupnp_service_info_get($proxy);

$type $info['service_type'];
$location $info['location'];

printf("Service available:\n");
printf("\ttype:     %s\n"$type);
printf("\tlocation: %s\n"$location);

/* Create the UPnP context */
$context gupnp_context_new();
if (!
$context) {
printf("Error creating the GUPnP context\n");

/* We're interested in everything */
$cp gupnp_control_point_new($context"ssdp:all");

/* Set callbacks */

/* Start for browsing (infinite loop, hit Ctrl-C to interrupt) */


PHP Manual

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