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PHP Manual

Defining namespaces

Although any valid PHP code can be contained within a namespace, only three type of code are affected by namespaces: classes, functions and constants.

Namespaces are declared using the namespace keyword. A file containing a namespace must declare the namespace at the top of the file before any other code - with one exception: the declare keyword.

Beispiel #1 Declaring a single namespace

namespace MyProject;

Connection /* ... */ }
connect() { /* ... */  }

The only code construct allowed before a namespace declaration is the declare statement, for defining encoding of a source file. In addition, no non-PHP code may precede a namespace declaration, including extra whitespace:

Beispiel #2 Declaring a single namespace

namespace MyProject// fatal error - namespace must be the first statement in the script

In addition, unlike any other PHP construct, the same namespace may be defined in multiple files, allowing splitting up of a namespace's contents across the filesystem.

PHP Manual

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