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Supported Datatypes:
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PHP Manual

Supported Datatypes

The driver supports the following types when binding parameters using oci_bind_by_name() function:
Type Mapping
SQLT_NTY Maps a native collection type from a PHP collection object, such as those created by oci_new_collection().
SQLT_BFILEE Maps a native descriptor, such as those created by oci_new_descriptor().
SQLT_CFILEE Maps a native descriptor, such as those created by oci_new_descriptor().
SQLT_CLOB Maps a native descriptor, such as those created by oci_new_descriptor().
SQLT_BLOB Maps a native descriptor, such as those created by oci_new_descriptor().
SQLT_RDD Maps a native descriptor, such as those created by oci_new_descriptor().
SQLT_NUM Converts the PHP parameter to a 'C' long type, and binds to that value.
SQLT_RSET Maps a native statement handle, such as those created by oci_parse() or those retrieved from other OCI queries.
SQLT_CHR and any other type Converts the PHP parameter to a string type and binds as a string.
The following types are supported when retrieving columns from a result set:
Type Mapping
SQLT_RSET Creates an oci statement resource to represent the cursor.
SQLT_RDD Creates a ROWID object.
SQLT_BLOB Creates a LOB object.
SQLT_CLOB Creates a LOB object.
SQLT_BFILE Creates a LOB object.
SQLT_LNG Bound as SQLT_CHR, returned as a string
SQLT_LBI Bound as SQLT_BIN, returned as a string
Any other type Bound as SQLT_CHR, returned as a string

PHP Manual

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